The Legion of Christ is a religious congregation of pontifical right, founded in 1941. Its mission is to extend the Kingdom of Christ in society according to the requirements of Christian justice and charity, and in close collaboration with the bishops and the pastoral plans of each diocese.

As a mendicant order, the local Legionary community in Cupertino does not receive any financial assistance from the local Diocese or from their national order. They live solely through donations from people like you. Please consider donating online via Paypal. Or you may send a check payable to:

  • LC Pastoral Services
  • The Legionaries of Christ
  • 22825 San Juan Road, Cupertino, CA 95014.

Support our community today with your one time gift or sign up to be a monthly donor. All transactions are handled by PayPal so your information is secure and your gift goes directly to the Legionary Community. Make a Single Gift or sign up to make a monthly gift! Please select an amount below to be billed each month to your credit card.

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LC Pastoral Services is a nonprofit organization and certifies that no goods or services, other than those solely intangible and religious in nature, were provided in exchange for the above contribution.

Grocery List

Would you like to donate to our weekly grocery list? You can see our current shopping list by clicking here.


  • If you are using a desktop computer when you are logged in, you will see a list of items we need
  • Above there are various tabs with different categories.
  • When you click on an item, it will go to the box on the right.
  • After you have selected the things you intend to donate, click “submit.”
  • If you are using a smart phone you will see lists, organized by categories.
  • Check the items you will donate and then click submit on the top of the page.
  • The website will then send us an email to let us know what to expect.

Thank you for your donation.